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The SGSF  is a leading provider of security services  in India a with diverse solutions across the security spectrum. The portfolio of services includes security design and solutions, fire safety, event security, VIP protection, aviation security, emergency response, investigation work and integrated technology solutions providing man-tech solutions.

We continue to invest in technology to meet the growing demand for integrated security solutions and to drive the development of innovative solutions for customers. As a result we have delivered a strong growth in technology- enabled security revenues, enabling significant efficiencies, data collection and analytics. We are combining risk consulting, security professionals, software and security analytics into integrated solutions.

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SGSF is a reputed service provider in the field of total security solution .Manpower outsourcing & pay roll management .Integrated facility management etc. Integrated facility management etc. It was established in 2008 and has now a strength of approximately  230  personnel, covering about 31 location in West Bengal

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